BMX Race Chains

Chain type

BMX Race Chains Help Generate Speed

The BMX chain is responsible for transferring power from the front chainring to the rear sprocket. These single speed chains are an important part of your bike’s drivetrain and can make all the difference when you have to accelerate quickly. In BMX racing, you should look for a lightweight and free-spinning chain.

With race BMX bikes, you have the choice between a full-link or half-link chain. A full-link chain is the lighter option while a half-link chain gives you more adjustability when making changes to the chain length.

What Size Is a BMX Race Chain?

Chains for BMX racing are usually 3/32 (of an inch), with this narrow design reducing weight. Many Race BMX Chainrings are also designed to work best with this size.

It’s important to get the right chain tension when installing it to your setup. Ideally, you need to get your chain as tight as you can but still allow for good movement.

Another way to maximise your acceleration is to upgrade your set of Race BMX Cranks.

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