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Outil skate Wicked Cross

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Outil multifonction pratique.
Les fonctions sont:

  • Extracteur de 608 roulement
  • Torx T-25
  • Hex 4mm
  • Ouvre-bouteille
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votre avis   (26)
Très bien mais il faudrait une notice pour comprendre comment utiliser l’extracteur de roulements
Ngo Kim (Rezé)
Note: 5 sur 5!
Très bon outil compact et complet
Jean José Lentis (Vilvoorde)
Note: 5 sur 5!
Pratique, pour retirer les roulements je pensais que ce serait plus efficace
Hauspiez Julien (Firmi)
Note: 3 sur 5!
pas nécessaire
nicolas vandeputte (camaret sur aigues)
Note: 3 sur 5!
I did receive it for free as I had vaucher but this key snapped on first try to unscrew brand new skates, key looked and felt very solid so I was very surprised and shocked when I tried to unscrew the whhel and key just snapped
Jaroslaw Lisiecki (Dalkeith)
Note: 1 sur 5!
Réponse de SkatePro:  Hi Jaroslaw,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review✌
I am really sorry about that! I will send you an email so we can resolve this case for you.

A tool that’ll take out bearings easily, has a torx screwdriver, and a magnetically attached allen key, for 8$? Clearly you’d think it isn’t worth it, but it is. Small, simple, and comes with a string that can be tied to many things, this tool can easily put the three other tools I use to swap my wheels to shame. Now, if you’re looking for a tool that can swap out Powerslide Trinity Frames, I wouldn’t recommend it (only for this purpose though). The torx screwdriver part isn’t long enough to reach the screws that hold the frames in place. I didn’t rate it 5 stars just for that reason though. The tool is great nonetheless, it’s just that Wicked should’ve made the torx screwdriver the magnetically attachable part instead of the allen key, because most skates don’t need an allen key that long to replace wheels. If you’re looking for a good skate tool, buy this one. There’s really no cons when it comes to this tool.
Logan Starckx (Woodford)
Note: 4 sur 5!
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