Performance Fixations Classiques

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Les fixation Rottafella Performance (NNN / NIS) pour cross-country sont conçues pour leaisure-temps et pour amateurs skieurs qui recherchent une transmission de puissance précis contraignant prévoyant. Aussi la liaison est réglable de sorte que vous pouvez personnaliser la configuration. Elles sont livrées avec une serrure facile à manipuler et un fléchisseur moyen.

Longueur: 296 mm
Largeur: 56 mm

Peut être monté avec le Rottefella Xcelerator Mountingplate.

Convient aux bottes de taille adultes UE 36-52

Pièces compatibles

Trouvez des produits compatibles avec Rottefella Performance Fixations Classiques:

Pièces compatibles

Fiches Techniques

Catégorie de ski:
Chaussures compatibles:
NNN, Prolink (NNN), Turnamic (NNN)
par pair 193g
Plaques de montage pour ces fixations:
NIS New Plate, NIS 1.0 Plate

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votre avis   (33)

Fix seem pretty reliable but haven't been able to try them with my skis yet. Feel a bit cheap but they aren't super expensive either.
Vincent L. (Halifax)
Note: 4 sur 5!
Adjustable mounting plate is critical with the Intelligrip skin classic skis. Could have used adjusting tool and instructions, but I found info on utube and a screwdriver worked fine.
Kevin Driscoll (Spokane)
Note: 4 sur 5!
Great product!
Katie G. (Ottawa)
Note: 5 sur 5!
They're secure and light enough for my needs.
Michael Leung (Surrey)
Note: 5 sur 5!
Very secure! Easy to get in and out of!
Dean Funnell (Salmon Arm)
Note: 5 sur 5!
Purchased these bindings and another set for skate skis to replace old (25 yrs) Rottefella NNN bindings and my new Alpina boots. I was dissappointed that the bindings did not include the mounting plate. There was no mention on the web site that mounting plates would need to be ordered separately. Shipping from Europe to US took 3 weeks. I have ordered mounting plates from a US firm for faster delivery. Haven't been able to mount the bindings for either the classic or skate skis yet. Product looked fine in the package.
J. Voogd (Richland)
Note: 2 sur 5!
Réponse de SkatePro:  Hi Jeffry,

Thank you for the review!😉

For each binding model, it is mentioned in the specifications and description if the mounting plate is needed, as well as if the binding is coming with it.

Usually, the skis are coming with a premounted mounting plate, which means that the bindings do not consist of the mounting plate.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you have any questions, I would be happy to help! 😊

Very convenient and reliable bindings. Easy to install and use.
Alexander Epstein (Etobicoke)
Note: 5 sur 5!
These are great bindings, they hold the boots in securely.
Sherilyn V. (Bentley)
Note: 5 sur 5!
works really well expediant delivery very satified
James Ford (Tumbler Ridge)
Note: 5 sur 5!
Happy with skiis & shipping was quick!
Sarah Bearinger (Southampton)
Note: 5 sur 5!
New binding style for me but I'm loving them.
Carey CB Lamontagne (Newcastle)
Note: 5 sur 5!
DANIEL S. (Walla Walla)
Note: 5 sur 5!
easy to open and close.
Marilyn Douglas (Thornbury)
Note: 5 sur 5!
Easy to install
Brad McMahon (Kars)
Note: 5 sur 5!
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