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What are Race Skis?

Race skis are highly specialized carving skis designed for accomplished skiers that compete in alpine racing or enjoy carving down the slopes as fast as possible. Compared to regular piste skis that chatter at high speeds, race skis are stiffer and heavier ensuring stability and control on hard-packed snow. So prepare to beat your personal best and feel the adrenaline rush while carving deep turns on-piste.

Choosing the Right Type and Length of Race Skis

The first decision you need to make is to choose what type of race ski you want. The disciplines are broken into four categories - Slalom (SL), Giant Slalom (GS), Super G and Downhill.

How long should your race skis be? It depends on your experience, height and weight. It is important to have a pair of skis that match your physique and the desired ski racing style as it will maximise your performance and efficiency on the slopes. If you are unsure what ski length is right for you, check out our Piste and Racing Ski Size chart to get you started.

How are Racing Skis Different?

The two most common types of race skis are Slalom and Giant Slalom skis. Slalom skis are designed with a small turning radius making it easier to perform short and tight turns. Giant Slalom / GS skis have a bigger turning radius making them better suited to performing larger turns at high speeds.

If you are looking for more recreational or versatile skis then check out our Piste Skis and All Mountain Skis.

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