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What Longboard Trucks Should I Get?

Trucks are an essential part of your longboard setup. Longboard trucks are the T-shaped parts that connect the wheels to the deck and allow the riders to turn. Choosing the right trucks depends on what type of longboarding you want to do.

The style of your longboard deck will determine whether you need top mounted trucks or a drop-through truck mounting. With top mount trucks, you simply mount the whole truck to the underside of the deck. If you have a drop-through deck with holes on both ends, you will just need to take the same kind of longboard trucks apart, drop the baseplate with the kingpin through the deck to mount the hanger from the underside.

Top mounted trucks provide great manoeuvrability and responsive riding, while drop through trucks will give you more stability and more effortless pushing.

What Size Trucks for Longboard?

The hanger width of longboard trucks is typically between 150 mm and 180 mm wide. Generally speaking, longboard trucks should be around the width of your board however can be wider or narrower. Wider trucks will provide you with more stability but will be tougher to turn and you run the risk of wheel bite. Narrower trucks will not be as stable, but they will be easier to turn.

What Angle Should my Longboard Trucks Be?

Getting the right angle for your longboard trucks has a big impact on how your longboard turns. By longboard angle, we are referring to the angle of the kingpin relative to the baseplate. Longboard angles typically vary between 35° and 55°. Generally speaking, the higher the angle, the more manoeuvrability and turn you will get. A “high” angle of around 50° is most common and is ideal for carving, cruising and beginner riders. A “low” angle is better suited for experienced and competitive riders who like to reach top speeds when going downhill.

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