Surfskate Riser Pads

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Avoid Wheelbite With Surfskate Risers

To get that surf feeling with your board, you’ll want a setup that will give you plenty of lean when out riding. However, if you’re finding that your deck is often coming into contact with your wheels then it’s a good idea to change your surfskate riser pads.

These are flat pieces, either made from rubber or plastic that you insert between your trucks and deck. They increase the distance between the wheels and the surfskate deck and come in a range of different thicknesses to suit your needs.

Riser pads are an affordable and easy way to not only stop you from falling off your board but also to stop any damage to it. Furthermore, the risers that you use for surfskating also work with skateboards and longboards, so it may be the case that you will already have some that will work for your setup. If you’re unsure if your hardware will fit, then check out our quick guide on Buying Skateboard Bolts & Risers.

If you’re skating on uneven surfaces like a boardwalk another option is to get shock pads. This not only increases the height of your board but also reduces vibrations and softens any impacts.

To make any adjustments to your setup, make sure that you have the right Surfskate Tools.

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