Cross Country Ski Tools & Ski Maintenance Equipment

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Cross-country ski tools you really need

Unless you have loads of money or people that take really good care of your skis, you will want to know a few basics about how to provide good ski maintenance to your cross country skis. Sometimes you’ll hit a rock or some muddy terrain, where you’ll need to perform some maintaining afterward to expand the lifetime of your skis.

In this category, you will find various ski tools and ski maintenance equipment to take care of your cross country skis. It’s important to maintain your cross country skis to ensure the optimal performance and increase the lifetime of the skis.

We have made a list of the essential ski tools for maintaining cross country skis:

  • Iron for wax – we recommend the digital iron, it is easier to control the temperature with the digital display.
  • Wax remover to remove old wax from the skis
  • Plastic scraper the scrape of wax
  • A brush to remove the surplus of wax after scraping the base
  • Ptex stick to repair minor holes in the base
  • Steel scraper to remove the surplus of Ptex after repair and ensure a smooth surface.

Ski maintenance equipment for waxless skis

Waxless skis are growing in popularity, but what are waxless skis and how do you maintain them? Waxless means that you wax the skis less than waxable skis. You still have to give the skis glider wax to ensure that the skis have the optimal glide.

If you have a waxless model with skins and experience ice crystals forming under the skins. It can be recommended that you use skin wax on the skins to avoid the crystallization.

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