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Buying Classic Cross Country Ski Bindings

If you are looking to replace or add a pair of classic cross country bindings to your skis, then it is important to know which binding system you would like. They fall into 3 categories - NNN (New Nordic Norm), SNS (Salomon Nordic System) and 75 mm (3-pin). If you already own a pair of cross country ski boots, the outer sole or product description will tell you which Nordic ski binding system they will work with.

Are NNN and SNS Bindings the Same?

NNN bindings, designed by the brand Rottefella, are NOT the same SNS bindings produced by Salomon. You can tell them apart visibly by the number of ridges they have running down the bindings. NNN bindings have two thinner ridges, while SNS bindings have one thick ridge. The soles of the ski boots need to match the ridge pattern in order to be compatible with bindings.

NNN bindings have become the dominant cross country ski binding type. Brands like Fischer, Rottefella, Salomon, Atomic and Rossignol all producing equipment around this design. These brands have also made their unique versions that work with the NNN system. Common product names such as Turnamic, Prolink and NIS are seen regularly in the market.

For a deeper understanding of cross country ski bindings, you can check out our guide - Compatibility of Cross Country Bindings. Have a look at our Classic Cross country ski boots selection and find your matching boots.

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