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You Should Always Wear a Skateboard Helmet

Skateboarding and longboarding are action sports and the risks of injury are quite high. If you want to minimise the risks of injuries and ride with ease of mind, wearing a skateboard helmet is a must. It does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner, a skate helmet is an important investment for everyone.

Helmets for skateboarding usually come in a classic half-dome shape that covers the head from all sides. Aside from protection, skateboard and longboard helmets are built to provide a comfortable fit and good ventilation. The stylish look is just a nice bonus on top of everything.

How Should Skateboard Helmets Fit?

Skateboard and longboard helmets should have a snug but comfortable fit. They should never feel too tight and uncomfortable around your head, since this can decrease the likelihood of wearing them. The helmet should not also be too loose. If your helmet moves and wobbles concurrently with your head movements, it is too loose.

You should choose the right helmet size by measuring your head circumference. When the helmet is the correct size, it should sit firmly around your head without any pressure points. You can find more information on how your helmet should fit from our How to Wear Your Helmet Guide.

Are Skateboard Helmets the Same as Bike Helmets?

Classic skateboard helmets and traditional bike helmets do have some differences. Skateboard and longboard helmets provide more coverage on the back of the head and have fewer ventilation holes. They are also built to provide protection against repeated, smaller impacts. Bike helmets, on the other hand, protect the head from one large, singular impact and have to be replaced right after.

However, many skateboard helmets are constructed for multipurpose use. That means you can use your skate helmet for some other roller sports as well as biking. Just make sure to check the certification of your skateboarding helmet to see if it is approved for biking. All helmets to be found in this category have been certified for skateboarding. If you can see that the helmet comes with the EN 1078 certification, this means that it has been approved for use with skateboards and other boards, skates, and pedal bikes.

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