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What Do I Need to Know About BMX Brakes?

Brakes are used by more and more freestyle riders to give them more control when riding. Having a brake will not only keep you safe but also allow you to master new tricks. To keep your BMX brake parts in the best condition, it is important to keep maintaining and replacing them from time to time.

BMX Brake Pads

BMX brake pads, sometimes referred to as brake shoes or brake blocks, are what make your wheels stop. They are a key part of your braking system and are what provide the friction to help your wheels slow down or stop.

Over time, all brake pads will wear down and therefore need to be replaced. The majority of brake pads are built so that they can work with every type of rim brake and are straightforward one-piece designs.

Most brake pads are threaded, however, when buying brake pads you should always check whether you need threaded or non-threaded.

BMX Brake Cables

Like pads, BMX brake cables wear down over time and need to be replaced. As the majority of BMX bikes will only have a single rear U-brake, most will have a standard 1.5mm inner wire and full-length outer. Brake cables for BMX can be either linear or helical. Linear cables are straight pieces of wire and are the most popular with BMX riders. Meanwhile, helical cables are a spiral of wire which is wound tightly.

If you have a Gyro brake system you will need two cables - the upper and lower. Gyro cables can be easily installed and can often be adjusted over different lengths.

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