Kiteboard Footstraps & Bindings

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Be In Control With Kiteboard Bindings And Straps

Bindings and footstraps for kitesurfing are the two different styles of equipment that connect you to the kiteboard. Kiteboard bindings include boots that your feet buckle into, while kiteboard footstraps are designed more like a pair of slippers that you slide into.

The big advantages of using a set of bindings are that you don’t need to worry about losing your board when you fall, as your feet are firmly attached. The kiteboard boots also give you greater control in performing air tricks. Kiteboard straps are super easy to get on and off and are very lightweight, therefore more appropriate for beginners to start, even though there are many experienced riders using them as well. A lot of the time bindings have been designed with one or two riding styles in mind so be sure to use the filter to help you narrow down the options.

Can You Put Wakeboard Bindings On A Kiteboard?

Yes, there are many kitesurfers that choose to use wakeboard bindings on their kiteboard. Nearly all models are compatible with the boards, but this should still be checked before the purchase. They perform very similarly to each other, but more advanced kitesurfers prefer to use kiteboard bindings, as they can withstand more torsion. There is such a large market for wakeboard bindings, both in quality and price, therefore it gives you a much wider range of products to choose from.

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