Surfskate Wheels

Wheel diameter
Wheel hardness

What Wheels Are Best for Surfskating?

Getting the right surfskate wheels plays a big part in replicating that surf feeling. The two main things to take into consideration when buying a new set of wheels are the diameter and the hardness (durometer).

With diameter, it’s most common to use wheels between 60-70mm however it is possible to get smaller sizes. Anything over 70mm though and you increase the risk of wheel bite when riding. With a smaller wheel, you will be able to accelerate faster but will have a lower top speed.

Wheel hardness is measured on the durometer scale just like other skate wheels. The higher the number the harder the wheels will be. So, softer wheels will offer you more grip whereas harder wheels will give you more speed. What type you go for is a personal preference; however a durometer of between 78A - 84A will give you a good all-round performance. Another factor to consider is your weight.

When Should I Replace My Surfskate Wheels?

Surfskate wheels have no fixed lifespan so when you need to replace them depends a lot on how often you skate and how you use them. However, if they are starting to lose their original shape and flat spots are appearing, then it’s time to start looking for a new set. Remember to also maintain the bearings.

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