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What Characterises Roller skate Wheels?

Roller skate wheels or quad wheels are wider, offer more contact surface than inline skate wheels and provide more balance to skaters. Every roller skate wheel is different. They vary in size, hardness and shape. The diameter or height of wheels is measured in millimetres (mm), typically between 55mm to 65mm. The hardness of a skate wheel is also called its durometer. Measured on the A-scale, the durometer of wheels range from 74A (very soft) to 105A (very hard).

What Size Roller skate Wheels Should I Get?

Choosing your new quad skate wheels depends on your skating style. Styles can be divided into two categories - Indoor Skating and Outdoor Skating.

Indoor roller skate wheels are typically small or medium-sized, offering more control and manoeuvrability in the rink. Rhythm skaters usually prefer wheels of 62mm in diameter by 35 to 44mm in width. Figure skaters' wheels are 55-65mm in diameter by 30-31mm in width. Outdoor roller skate wheels are larger with a round surface for improved stability. Typical outdoor wheels are 55-65mm in diameter and around 40mm in width.

Roller skate Wheels Hardness: Indoor & Outdoor

Indoor rhythm and figure skaters may prefer very hard wheels providing improved speed over smooth surfaces. The usual standard is something between 97A to 103A. Fitness quad skaters venturing outside usually prefer softer wheels that act as shock absorbers on different terrains. This kind of wheel usually has a hardness range from 78A to 85A. Speed skating wheels are harder than fitness wheels, providing faster roll on smoother urban surfaces. Speed roller skaters use wheels ranging from 95A to 98A.

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