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Paddle Board Accessories


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Paddle Board Parts for Your SUP

Although there aren’t many parts to think about for a SUP, there are a few paddle board accessories that can make your time on the water even better. If you are using an inflatable paddle board, a trustworthy iSUP pump is needed to inflate your board before heading out on the water. There are hand pumps and electric pumps, with the latter requiring a lot less effort.

When it comes to paddle board fins, there are basically three different types to choose from. Flatwater SUP board fins, all-around multi-fins and SUP race fins. The most common are the flatwater fins, so if you bought an iSUP you should go for flatwater or multi-fins.

Other common accessories that you can use for your SUP are paddle board bags, vent plugs and paddle covers. If you're considering buying an inflatable stand up paddle board but not sure what type to get, get some useful advice from our video, Buying a SUP Board.

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