Wire Locks and Chain Locks

Are Stunt scooter Locks Effective?

If you need to park your stunt scooter it is always recommended to use a chain lock or wire lock to prevent theft. A sturdy locking device like a carabiner lock or a cable lock will deter thieves ensuring your scooter is safe. You can always find the right lock depending on your needs.

Choose the Right Stunt scooter Lock

Freestyle scooter locks come in different shapes and styles. You may want to choose a lock that is easy to use and carry around with you. A key lock or code lock is a matter of personal preference. Key locks are regarded as the safest choice, but you can lose your keys. Code locks with more digits are usually hard to break.

Wire locks like the carabiner locks and spiral locks, are the best choice for scooters as you can let the wire pass through the spokes.

How Do I Lock a Stunt scooter?

First, look for something solid and fixed around you. This could be a bike rack or lamp post. Secure the scooter to it by feeding the cable of your lock through the front wheel spokes. Some stunt scooters are designed with holes in the frame. You can also secure them with a bike lock or chain lock. Shield locks are also a good choice but they are quite short. The range of objects you can lock your scooter to is quite limited.

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