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What Are Skate Shirts?

Skate t-shirts are a key part of your overall skating look. Brands specializing in clothes for skateboarding have become some of the biggest companies in the industry and their designs are recognizable all over the world. Skate shirts can come in the classic t-shirt style or a long sleeve design. So, whether you are a passionate skateboarder or just want to get that skater style, there will be something that catches your eye.

Skateboard t-shirts come in a range of designs. You might prefer a look with tie-dye, cool prints or a plainer, minimalist style. T-shirts are usually made from cotton, ensuring a durable product that helps keep you cool.

What Are the Best Clothes to Skate In?

The ideal skater shirts should be comfortable for you to wear and not restrict your skating. Many prefer to go for loose-fitting shirts, which provide you with manoeuvrability and flexibility. However many brands also produce their shirts in a regular and slim fit. Remember to check out the size chart to make sure you get the fit you are looking for.

While skate tees will give you the classic skater look, long sleeve shirts can help keep you warm on cooler evenings and offer you a bit of protection.

However, getting the right shirt is only one part of your skating outfit, so check out our entire range of Skate Clothing and Streetwear.

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