Cross Country Ski Accessories

Be Prepared With Cross Country Ski Accessories

Accessories for cross country skiing come in all shapes and sizes but they are all about making your skiing experience better than it was before. The accessories you will find on this page are here to keep you and your skiing equipment happy.

Hand warmers, foot warmers and heating pads for other parts of the body are great to use when you feel you need an extra boost of heat. Most heat pads stay warm for over 8 hours which is normally plenty of time for a daily ski trip. Electric boot heaters that have different heat settings are also great for drying out the boots after a wet or sweaty day in the snow.

There are also practical accessories for cross country equipment that are very handy to have. Cross country ski straps secure your 2 skis together when carrying them from one place to another. Without a ski strap, they can slide apart and make it very awkward to carry. For storage, wall-mounted ski hangers allow you to keep your skis safely in one place, preventing damage or getting in your way.

Another accessory that improves the performance of your skis is ski wax. To see our collection, check out Cross Country Ski Wax.

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