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Good to know about wetsuits

All wetsuits are made of neoprene, which is a stretchy rubber material, that has a very slim fit on the body. The thickness of the neoprene varies and in general, a thicker neoprene is required in colder waters. Simply because it provides you with more insulation around your body.

In this category, you will find all kinds of womens wetsuits, mens wetsuits and kids wetsuits from all the top brands and manufacturers.

Take good care of your wet suit

If you take good care of your wetsuit, you can use for many years. Our best advice is to take extra care when you are getting in and taking off your wetsuit. If you are unlucky a wetsuit can be torn by pulling on the seams too hard. Also, remove any sharp jewelry or watches before getting in - simply to prevent rips.

If you have a child it's a good idea to help him or her getting in the kids wetsuit for the exact same reason as stated above.

Also when it comes to storage of your wetsuit, there are a few simple pieces of advice that will increase the lifetime of the wetsuit.

  • You have to store the suit in a cool place away from high temperatures, and direct sunlight. UV ages and discolors the neoprene.
  • You should always hang your wet suits inside out to dry out.
  • It's preferable to hang it on a plastic or non-metallic hanger for the drying process, although once it's dry it can be stored flat in a closet.
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