Ski Hats & Balaclavas

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What Is a Ski Hat?

Put simply, a ski hat is what you wear to keep your head warm when you are out on the slopes. Just like your outer layers, it’ll help you withstand the elements on cold and windy days on the mountain.

There’s a huge selection of styles available, and what you should go for depends on a range of factors such as the weather and personal style. If you are out skiing in the coldest of temperatures, then a fleece option will likely provide you with the best insulation. If the weather is slightly warmer then opt for a merino wool hat.

Of course, there’s a whole range of styles such as ski beanies, toboggan hats as well as designs with pom poms. So, other things to consider are whether the hat will fit under your helmet or just whether it will go with the rest of your ski outfit.

Ski Masks, Balaclavas and Hoods

Along with a hat, there are plenty of other accessories that will keep your head warm. Ski balaclavas, ski hoods and face covers will block wind, wick away moisture, and can be easily worn underneath your helmet. There’s a big variety in the styles you can get, covering varying degrees of your head and face. Another option to consider is a Neck Gaiter, which will do the same job but just to your neck area.

Of course, wearing a hat is not a substitute for a helmet, so check out our Ski Helmets to keep your head safe on the mountain.

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