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What Do I Need to Know About Freestyle BMX Handlebars?

Handlebars for freestyle BMX bikes are essential for staying in control on two wheels and mastering tricks. BMX bars are strong and durable and usually made out of 4130 Chromoly or high tensile steel. Many bars are also heat-treated, a process that strengthens the bars even further.

BMX handlebars can be categorised between two-piece and four-piece bars. Two-piece bars are made from two tubes, with one bent to form the main bar and the second providing stability. Four-piece bars are two main bars positioned vertically opposite each other, which are held together by two crossbars. What type you choose depends on your own personal style, and will have little impact on your riding.

How Are BMX Handlebars Measured?

When buying any pair of BMX bars there are four things to take into account: the rise, width, upsweep and backsweep. Your bar’s upsweep is the extent that the bars bend upward from the top bend to the outside of the bars. The backsweep refers to the bars bending back from the centre. The upsweep and backsweep will have little influence on how your bike feels and is a more personal preference. The rise refers to the height of the bar and is measured from the bar’s lowest to highest point. The width can be measured from the furthest point of each bar. Bars range from around 27 to 31 inches wide. But let’s talk about some simple rules for choosing the right bar.

What Size BMX Handlebars Do I Need?

The rise or height of your handlebar is largely down to your personal preference. However, many taller riders will prefer taller bars, as they are more comfortable and don’t need to hunch as much. Check out our Freestyle Handlebars Size chart to get more of an idea of what height you should go for.

When it comes to width, it is recommended that you get a bar that matches the width of your shoulders. Younger riders are likely to find more enjoyment from a smaller bar.

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