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BMX handlebars make it easier to get a hold on those tricks

BMX handlebars might look a lot alike, but they are not. The small differences in the shape of the handlebar for freestyle BMX bikes have a huge impact on how your bike reacts when you’re doing tricks such as manuals and bar spins.

The size of BMX bars

BMX bars are available in different models and sizes. Both the height and the width of the BMX handlebars are measured in inches and they are 8 to 10 inches high and 28 to 30 inches wide.

The BMX handlebars are made of either aluminum or heavier steel types. Most handlebars for freestyle bikes are made of steel, which is light, strong and durable. Most BMX handlebars for race bikes are made of aluminum to keep the bike as light as possible.

A lot of the more expensive bars you’ll find in this category are heat-treated which is a process that strengthens the metal, and thereby minimise the risk of the bar bends or breaks while in use.

Two-piece vs. four-piece bars

Handlebars for BMX can be generally divided into two main branches.

  • Two-piece bars: This kind of BMX handlebars is made from two tubes. The first tube is bent in several places to form the main bar. The second bar is thinner and is welted across the middle for strength and rigidity.
  • Four-piece bars: This kind of BMX bar consists of two bars positioned vertically opposite of each other. The two “main bars” are held together by two crossbars. One in the bottom and one in the middle.
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