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What Is a Skateboard Deck?

A skateboard deck is one of the most important skateboard parts. It is the foundation of the board and has a big impact on your overall riding experience and skateboarding style. Aside from providing a platform for the feet and connecting parts like the trucks and grip tape together, skate decks also allow riders to express their style and personalities. This is because they come in a huge range of different colour and design options, which makes it easy to find a deck to fit your preference.

The Characteristics of Skateboard Decks

Modern-day skateboard decks are nearly always constructed from durable maple wood. However, it should be noted that there are differences in the strength of the different maple types. Canadian maple is considered to be the most durable and resistant to breaking, so it should be your choice if you are looking for a long-lasting deck. Another common option is Hard Rock Maple, which is a hard, strong wood.

Skateboard decks are mainly made of 7-ply to 9-ply wood construction, 7-ply construction being the most common. This means the deck has seven to nine plies of wood compressed into a deck, which increases the resistance of the board. In addition, nearly all skate decks come with double-kicktails, the upward curves in the nose and tail, to help to pop and control the board when making tricks.

Another characteristic of a skateboard deck is concave, which is the inward curve of the surface of the deck. Low concave decks allow better foot placement on the deck due to having a bigger flat area surface. A deeper concave, on the other hand, enables you to perform flip tricks more easily. Medium concave fits in between these two and is the most common concave design.

What Skateboard Deck Size Should I Get?

As a general rule, the skateboard deck’s size should match your shoe size. The size of the deck is mainly decided by the deck width, and you should make sure that the tip of your shoes goes slightly beyond the deck. This will make it easier for you to control your tricks.

If the deck is too narrow, it will affect your balance and increase the risk of getting shoe bites. This can consequently ruin your shoes and throw you off your skateboard. On the contrary, if the deck is too wide, it can be hard to perform some tricks and flips. 8 to 7.75 inch skateboard decks are a good starting point since it is considered to be a well-balanced all-around size.

Still have doubts about what to pick? Our Skateboard Size chart gives you a good indication of which deck width you should buy for your riding style and shoe size. You can also find more information about choosing the right deck from our Guide To Skateboard Decks.

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