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Stunt scooter Brakes That Keep You in Control

There are 2 main types of scooter brakes: flex fenders and spring brakes. In addition, a scooter fender can also be used in place of a brake. Some scooters come with them pre-installed and others don’t, meaning that you have to choose the type that is compatible with your stunt scooter. All scooter brakes are found on the rear wheel and are easy to install and durable.

Scooter Fenders, Flex Fenders and Spring Brakes - What’s the Difference?

Classic scooter fenders are designed to stop your back foot from making contact with the rear wheel. Fenders are not actually brakes and while they are found in the same location, they function more like a guard between your foot and the wheel. They are particularly useful to avoid accidental braking when your foot lands too far towards the end of the deck after doing airs or tricks such as a tail whip. The fender blocks the foot from making contact with the spinning rear wheel and allows you to roll out of the trick undisturbed.

Flex fenders, as the name implies, are flexible as they can be bent when you push on them with the back foot. This is a useful method to slow your speed down, but it is important to remember to never press so hard that the wheel stops spinning. This will result in flat spots and can ruin the performance of the wheel.

The final braking system mentioned here is the scooter spring brake. This contains a coil spring that keeps the brake pointing away from the wheel, but can be pressed on with the foot to brake. This braking type tends to be noisier than fenders and can require more maintenance.

Whichever stunt scooter brake system you choose to go with, remember that it must be compatible with your deck and fit the size of wheels you are riding. To get more information about this, check out, Buying Scooter Brakes.

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