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Scooter brakes - spring vs. flex fender

On this page, you will find a great selection of scooter brakes. We offer stunt scooter brakes and even fixed fenders aka foot fenders, which is crazy popular among a lot of scooter riders. The scooter brakes are durable yet affordable, making it easy for you to stay within budget.

A scooter brake is always mounted over the rear wheel. You can commonly find two types of scooter brakes: a spring bake and a flex fender brake. A spring brake is a very standard type of brake, often found on scooters for kids and stunt scooters in the lower end of the price range. It is made up out of 3 parts: the brake itself, a spring and a mounting bolt. After some time, the spring can lose its strength, an indication the spring has to be replaced.

Another type of scooter brake is the flex fender brake. It is made out of one piece and is attached with mounting bolts to the deck of the stunt scooter. This type of brake is more durable than a spring brake and is therefore often found on scooters in the higher price range.

What are fixed fenders?

Well, a fixed fender is actually a piece of metal or aluminum that is mounted instead of a spring or flex fender brake. This means that you will need to use your shoes to brake instead "a classic scooter brake"

Why is this a benefit? There are a lot of answers to that question. First of all, with a fixed foot fender, you avoid the risk of your foot touching the brake or getting caught in the wheel while you're doing stuff like jumping a big staircase doing a 180 or ride fakie.

Second of all, fixed fenders are all about style, many riders feel that a fixed fender has a positive effect on their performance, and at the same time adds something to their style of riding.

Compatibility of Stunt scooter Brakes

Not every brake fits with every type of deck and not every brake can be used for all wheel diameters. Therefore it is important to check if your desired brake is actually compatible with your scooter parts. You can find information on compatibility in the specifications of each product. It will show what wheel diameter will fit with the brake and the type of brake is specified. Remember that the mounting holes of the brake also fit with the mounting holes in your deck.

In case you are in doubt, you are welcome to contact us or read more about stunt scooter brakes in our guide Buying a scooter brake.

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