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Wake up...it's wakeboarding time

In wakeboarding, you can either get towed by a motorboat and perform tricks on the wake, or by a cable in a wake board park while flipping around obstacles. Sounds like fun? Well, it is. An important key factor in having fun wake surfing out on the water is to choose a wakeboard that fits your skill level and style of riding.

Short wakeboards vs. long wakeboards

All the wakeboards you’ll find in this category has its size listed in the product specs. This is because the size of the wakeboard will depend on your weight and what type of wake surfing you’re into. If you get a wake surfing board that doesn't fit, you can end up with a board that doesn't give you the sufficient float. However, there are some wakeboard riders that surf with longer or shorter wakeboards.

  • Short wakeboards: In general, a shorter wakeboard is slower and take more energy to drag through the water. Some wakeboard riders choose a shorter board because it’s easier to spin and control if you're doing flips or fly across the waves. But be aware, that a shorter board also makes landings harder.
  • Long wakeboards: The benefit of choosing a longer wakeboard is that it’s typically easier to ride and learn on. A longer board require you to work harder against the weight in the air, but it’s worth the extra effort because you get more control, which makes longer wakeboards great for learning tricks.
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