Water Ski Bindings & Parts

Water Ski Bindings for Slalom and Double Skis

Water ski bindings are the feet straps that attach you to your water skis. The boot part of the binding is normally made from EVA or rubber, and the binding plates that are drilled into the skis are made of strong plastic. Also known as water ski boots, they come in a variety of styles that you should know about before purchasing.

Two Types of Water Ski Bindings

Water ski bindings come in 2 designs: double boot bindings and boot and rear toe bindings. Double boot slalom water ski bindings are designed, so both feet are locked into place with little wiggle room. This can give skiers the feeling of stability and allow for a higher level of performance.

Boot and rear toe piece bindings have the front foot fixed in a boot, while the rear foot slides into a toe strap with the heel free to move. The advantage of this binding style is that the water skier has more mobility to adjust their rear foot to help with balance. This is more appropriate for beginners, and it is also a good choice if you have multiple skiers taking turns on the same ski.

In this category, you will also find some replacement parts for water ski bindings, like binding plates: most of the time, they only fit a specific binding. But if you are in doubt, feel free to reach out to our customer service.

If you plan to be water skiing in cold waters and would like to keep warm while skiing behind the boat, then check out our Wetsuits.

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