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All the Parts to Upgrade Your BMX Wheels

One of the most popular parts to upgrade on your BMX is your wheels. It’s a part of your setup that takes a lot of impact and as a result, will often need replacing. What’s more, getting some new BMX wheel parts is also a way of specializing your setup, so it’s optimised for what you want to do.

Getting new BMX tires is an easy and affordable way to get a more specialized setup and ensure optimal performance. Everything from the tread pattern, the shape, and weight can all impact how your riding feels. For example, if you’re mostly riding street, then it makes sense to choose a slicker tire with a wider surface area.

Another part of the wheel that is worth changing up is the rims. If your BMX originally came with single-walled rims then upgrading to double-walled rims will boost the longevity of the wheels.

Other than that, in this category, you'll find everything you need to update your wheels including new tubes, hubs and hub guards.

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