Folding Scooters & Adjustable Kick Scooters

Good to know

The folding scooter is a scooter for fun use and transportation. They are easy to fold, and because of that, easy to bring along.

A folding scooter for transportation and play

The folding scooters in this category (also known as kick scooters) are suited for transportation as well as sheer fun outside, and they are great for beginners as well as kids. However, you should note that foldable scooters are different from stunt scooters, which feature a strong one-piece design, to withstand the hard impacts and hard landings. If you want to use your scooter mainly for transportation, you should choose a scooter with big wheels. They are great for transportation, and their height is a more suitable size for adults.

The development of foldable scooters

The first kick scooters on the market were of poor quality and not very durable. Scooters were practically reinvented in the 1990s when a new kind of scooter made of aluminum entered the market. Since then, the quality of folding scooters have become much better, and the new models are lighter and stronger than their predecessors. They are foldable, adjustable, and in all ways very practical and sleek. Frenzy, JD Bug and Razor are some of the most known companies that manufacture great foldable kick scooters for transportation and play.

Before you buy a new folding scooter, you should consider who the scooter is for. If you visit any well-assorted toy store you will also find foldable scooters. These are usually not of the same quality as the one we carry and might have a short lifespan.

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