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What Are Complete Skateboards?

As the name implies, a complete skateboard is a skateboard that comes pre-assembled. All the parts from wheels and trucks to bushings have been put together with a certain concept in mind. So from the moment you receive your package, you can start learning tricks and having fun.

Complete skateboards are the perfect beginner skateboards because you don’t need to worry about the assembly or choosing the right parts. With complete boards, all the parts are matched to each other along with the style of the board. However, completes are not only for beginners. Many brands also produce complete adult and pro skateboards for more experienced riders.

What to Consider When Buying a Complete Skateboard

Aside from the brand and price, there are some technical features you should consider when buying a complete skateboard. Below, two of the main points are covered.

Size of the Skateboard

Probably the main key point when buying a complete skateboard is the board’s size. As a rule of thumb, you should choose the size of the board based on your shoe size. Narrower boards are suitable for younger riders with smaller shoe sizes, while wider skateboards are better for larger shoe sizes. However, it is important to remember that the correct size is also a personal preference, and size guides give only recommendations. Find our guide of what to go for as a starting point in our Skateboard Size chart.

Wheel Hardness

Another thing to consider is the wheel’s hardness. Generally speaking, all skateboards come with relatively hard wheels, but some smaller or beginner completes are equipped with slightly softer wheels. Soft wheels provide a better grip and make the first steps in the skateboarding world a bit more comfortable. Harder wheels, on the other hand, provide more speed, are good for solid landings and slides and are longer lasting.

If you already know your style and riding technique, building a unique skateboard could be the best choice for you. With our Custom Skateboard Builder, you can mix and match parts and get a one-of-a-kind complete skateboard built just for your needs.

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