Water sport Protection

Always better with some extra water sport protection

Even though you are performing your favourite extreme sports out on the water, don't be fooled. Watersport can be extremely dangerous and it's important that you wear the right protective gear, if you don't want to put any unnecessary damage on your head or body.

From life jackets, wakeboard helmets and wakeboard vests - we have every part of protective gear that you could possibly dream of getting your hands on.

We stock a wide range of water sports protective gear to suit all water sports. No matter your skill level, we have a set of affordable and high-quality water sport protective gear for you. Our protective gear can be used for windsurfing, paddle boarding, kitesurfing, SUPs, wake and waterskiing. We have products from the top brands right here online or in our physic store.

Use a water sport or wakeboard helmet

It is very important to wear a crash hat or a helmet, if you are doing towing water sports like wakeboarding or waterskiing, but also if you are surfing close to the shore or rocks. For this purpose, you will find all our protective helmets in the subcategory.

Life jacket or buoyancy aid?

All the buoyancy and life jackets you’ll find here at SkatePro bears the CE marking, which has been mandatory for this kind of products within the European Economic (All 28 members of the EU plus EFTA countries Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Furthermore also Switzerland and Turkey)

All products found in this category are also ISO approved.

Be aware that we offer two basic types of products in this category: Buoyancy aid (vests) and Life jackets.

The level of buoyancy of the products decides which category they belong in. The buoyancy is measured in Newton (N) 100N= 10 kg of buoyancy. Our vests are tested and divided into the following categories:

50N - Buoyancy aid (ISO12402-5)

This type of vest does not have a supporting collar, which means that it will not keep you on your back if you're unconscious. The products tagged with 50N are often used for wakeboarding, waterskiing and kite surfing.

100N - Life jackets (ISO12402-4)

The 100N products are suitable for water sports such as kayaking, waterskis and canoeing and they can be used by adults and kids.

If you have any questions while choosing which protective gear to go for, or need advice on where to ride? Don't hesitate to contact us or give us a call and we’ll talk you through all the options.

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