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Stunt scooter - The next level of scootering

Stunt scooters or trick scooters are very durable scooters made specifically for stunts and tricks. A stunt scooter is a more recent version of a conventional scooter. Trick scooters were created when people started to do "freestyle" on scooters, and the traditional scooters could not endure the stress caused by stunts.

Characteristics of stunt scooters

Stunt scooters look like regular scooters, but most of the stunt scooters can't be folded and their height cannot be adjusted. This design provides a strong and durable pro scooter.

Many people want a scooter that is both strong and light, but these two qualities do not always meet. Manufacturers are trying to be innovative when it comes to materials and special constructions. Thus, it is possible to buy special parts for scooters that are more expensive than a complete scooter.

Some of the parts manufacturers are particularly focused on are:

  • Strong bottom (deck) and neck
  • Lighter and stronger wheels
  • One-piece designs
  • Stronger bars
  • Stronger clamps

Expensive stunt scooters are usually built with compression systems, such as SCS, ICS and HIC. They each have a special construction, but they all provide a more solid steering mechanism.

Standard or custom pro scooter?

These trick scooters are all complete scooters, they are built with parts that are from the same manufacturer. This ensures that the parts fit, and it's cheaper than buying the parts separately.
You can find many standard trick scooters, that will satisfy both beginners and advanced users. The price of the stunt scooters can vary, and it's typically because the quality of the parts varies as well.

Skilled riders often want a pro scooter where all the parts are of the best quality and they often choose to buy a custom stunt scooter. The category covers both, complete scooters composed by experts, and scooters that you build yourself.

SkatePro offers custom build scooters, designed and built by our own experts. But you can also completely put together your own scooter with our Custom Scooter Builder tool.

You can read more about stunt scooters here.

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