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Roller Hockey Bearings for the Smoothest Rolls

Although they’re only a small part of your hockey boots, having a good set of inline hockey bearings can make all the difference. Each wheel has two bearings, and they are what makes your wheels spin. Bearings are usually made out of steel or ceramics and you can choose between open or closed bearings. You can read more on the different styles of bearings in our Buying Bearings guide.

Of course, many roller hockey players choose a wheel setup where the wheels are different sizes. If this is you then you shouldn’t worry. The majority of bearings are the same size, labelled as 608, and also work with inline and roller skates.

All About the ABEC Rating

When selecting a bearing, also keep an eye out for its ABEC rating. This is referring to the precision of the bearing, in other words, how smooth the bearing will roll. This is measured on a scale of 1 to 9, with the higher the number the greater the precision. Remember though that not all bearings are included on the ABEC scale, so it’s not necessarily the case that the best roller hockey bearings are the ones with the highest ABEC rating.

Common questions regarding roller hockey bearings are how to get bearings out of the wheels and then how to clean them. Our Bearing Cleaning video and guide will talk you through these making sure that your bearings look and feel as good as new. However, if you have done this and still don’t think that you’re getting the smoothest performance, then maybe it’s time to get some new Roller Hockey Wheels.

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