Roller hockey accessories

Good to know

The best street hockey gear out there

Street or roller hockey is the most popular team sport that is played on either inline or inline skates. The setup of the game is quite simple, and is almost identical to it’s colder friend; ice hockey.

We carry a wide variety of different street hockey gear and roller hockey equipment for everyone who enjoys this sport. In this category, you will also find a few jock protectors. This is a very important piece of safety gear when you start playing hockey.

We also have axles and bolts for the hockey hi-lo setup where the two back wheels are bigger than the front wheels to increase manoeuvrability and giving the player a better ability to perform sharp turns.

Since roller hockey is a high-intensity sport there might develop a strange smell from your boots. In our roller hockey equipment category, you will find a disinfectant spray that helps to keep the smell and bacterias at a safe distance. This will also prolong the overall lifetime of your skates - saving you some money in the long run.

You might need a brake

Even though the ‘hockey brake’ origins from roller and street hockey, some players prefer to use brakes. Especially for new players who are not yet comfortable performing the ‘hockey brake’ will benefit from buying and using brake system.

The brake system in this category don’t fit on all skates and supports a maximum wheel size of 110 mm. But we haven't met hockey player yet that uses wheels of this dimension.

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