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Why Are Race BMX Seats so Hard?

The reason why race BMX seats are so hard is that they are not designed to be sat on very often. They are narrow, thin, and made with lightweight plastic so that they contribute as little weight to the bike as possible. In BMX racing, riders are usually standing up when pedalling so a soft, thick leather seat is unnecessary. One main reason why BMX race seats still remain is to protect the rider's backside when they land off a big kicker.

Within this category, there are also BMX seat posts and clamps. When selecting a seat post, remember to check that it is compatible with your race seat. Pivotal race seats and pivotal seat posts are the most popular choice, but there are also combos, railed, tripod and stealth options.

When selecting a seat post, you will see that different models come in different lengths. As BMX racers tend to have their seat as low as possible, the length is not a huge factor. Most seat posts come with a minimum insertion length, so provided this is met, the post will be on securely.

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