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Skateboard Grip tape Provides Grip and Style

Skateboard grip tape is the self-adhesive sheet that you put on the surface of your skateboard. It is similar to sandpaper and is granulated to provide a good stance and grip on the board. Skateboard gritapes are typically made from silicon carbide, and they often come in standardised size 9 x 33 inches (23 cm x 84 cm). They are sold either as a single sheet or grip tape rolls.

The most typical grip tape is a black grip tape, but vividly coloured griptapes have become increasingly popular among skateboarders. Some manufacturers also make clear griptapes.

How to Remove Skateboard Grip tape

Skate grip tape will get worn down over time, especially if you ride your board often. Shoes and dirt smoothen the granulated surface, making performing tricks more difficult.

You can remove grip tape by blowing hot air on it with a hairdryer. This warms and makes the adhesive more liquid-like, so you should be able to peel it off easily with the help of a box knife. You can remove the possible adhesive residues by scraping them gently off after rubbing them first with nail polish remover or any alcohol-based cleaner. After the residues are removed, you can apply a new grip tape to your deck.

How to Apply Grip tape On a Skateboard

Applying a skate grip tape is relatively easy and needs only a few tools. You should start by removing the paper from the griptape’s sticky side. Then gently press the sticky side onto the deck. Remember to make sure the grip tape is centred before pressing it to the deck.

When pressing it to the deck, make sure that all air bubbles are removed - many griptapes are now perforated to make this process easier. Once you have done this, you should make cuts in each corner of the grip tape. Then create guidelines for the cutout shape by pressing the tape down from the edges of the deck with a tool. After this, you can cut the excessive grip tape with a sharp knife. Lastly, you need to create holes for bolts with a pointy tool.

If you are still unsure about how to apply grip tape, our video How to Put a Grip tape on a Skateboard explains the process step-by-step.

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