Parts for Waveboards

A world of accessories for wave boards.

In this category, you’ll find all you need to keep your wave board in top shape From spare parts such as spacers, bolts and wheel casters for your wave board to bigger waveboard parts such as wheels and grip tape - We even got cones so that you can train your carving technique.

Keep your Waveboard rolling

Even though wave board wheels don't get worn down as fast as skateboard wheels, you’ll need to change them once in a while. A fresh pair of wave board wheels will simply give you a smoother ride. In our selection of wheels, you’ll find standard spare wheels but also find flashing wheels with LED light, which lights up when you’re riding. We carry wheels from brands such as Flexsurfing and Streetsurfing.

Carry your waveboard with style

If you’re traveling over longer distances, a wave board bag is a great way to transport your wave board. The wave board bag is specially designed to hold wave boards and features a strap, so you can carry your board while having your hands free.

Stand out from the rest with a cool grip tape.

Do you need a fresh piece of grip tape or maybe you just want to personalise your board? We carry some great and cool looking pieces of grip tape - from awesome checkered designs to cool graffiti layouts we got it all. Be sure to check that the grip tape fits your specific model of wave board.

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