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Stunt scooter wheels - Core material

The wheels of a stunt scooter are important. They determine how smooth and responsive your scooting experience will be. On this page, a great selection of high-quality scooter wheels is shown. Maybe you are looking for a new set of colourful stunt scooter wheels that match your riding style, or maybe you are looking for a set of wheels that will give you more grip. In any case, there is a wheel in this category, which fits your need.

Scooter wheels have to be durable enough to stand all the stress they encounter when you do your tricks.

The core material of the stunt scooter wheel usually consists of nylon and aluminum.

Pro scooter wheels with an aluminum core are more shock resistant. However, they are also significantly more expensive than nylon core wheels, but the investment will really be worth it once you have tried a pair of aluminum core wheels.

When you are choosing your stunt scooter wheels you should consider in what environment you primarily scoot. If you only use your pro scooter in indoor parks, ramps and verts you should go for a rather hard set of wheels. If you use your scooter for transportation, you should choose a set of softer wheels, since this will give you a smoother ride.

Pro scooter Wheel Compatibility

Stunt scooter wheels are made in various sizes. When talking about the diameter, the most common sizes are 100mm and 110mm scooter wheels. However, not all wheels are compatible with all stunt scooters. Check which size is compatible with your pro scooter before purchasing new wheels.

Take note: Most stunt scooter wheels are complete with bearings and spacers unless the product description and specifications state otherwise.

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