BMX Headsets

Headset type

It’s just bearings - but a freestyle BMX bike headset is much more

To make the bar able to spin a BMX headset is needed. The main part of the BMX bike headset is the bearings. Most headsets for freestyle BMX comes with either headset spacers or a few top caps in different sizes, to ensure that the rider can get the bar in the right height.

Sealed headsets vs. non-sealed headsets - what’s the best BMX bike headset to choose?

There are a lot of different BMX bike headsets to choose from. The one big question is whether you want a sealed headset or a non-sealed headset. BMX headsets with sealed bearings cannot be opened for maintenance, while headsets with non-sealed bearings are closed on both sides, but the bearings can be maintained. The majority of our BMX bike headsets are sealed, but do this mean that a non-sealed headset can't be the best BMX bike headset for you to choose?

The answer is no - it might be a good idea for you to choose this kind of headset.

Give the BMX headset a good grease

When replacing the headsets, we recommend that you give your new parts a good amount of grease. If you do that, the parts will be easier to replace in the future. The grease is even more vital. If you own a closed headset, where you want to be able to easily open the headset for cleaning or replacing the bearings.

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