Inline Skate Maintenance

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Keep Your Inline skates in Top Shape

Maintaining your inline skates will extend their life and stop you from having to shell out for costly replacement parts. The good thing is that inline skate maintenance doesn’t have to be too difficult and time-consuming. There is a range of maintenance tools and accessories that you can use to keep skates looking and feeling as good as new.

Examples of inline skate maintenance tools include disinfectant spray to remove bad odors, glue that works for metal, and bearing cleaner.

How Do I Clean My Inliners?

Cleaning your skates regularly is pivotal for your inline skates maintenance. For your boot, frame and wheels you can simply use a wet cloth, some water and regular dish soap. With your liner, you need to check with your individual model to see at what temperature it should be washed.

One of the most important components to keep clean is your bearings. To do this, you will need a specific skate bearing cleaner and cleansing agent. To know the full details about maintaining your bearings, then check out our guide on Bearing Cleaning and Lubrication.

How Do You Remove Inline skates Bearings?

Using an Allen key for inline skates, press the key inside your axle while holding the wheel firmly while you are loosening it. This will keep you from stripping out your axle. Once you have your wheels removed, slide your tool halfway to the centre of the bearing and, while rotating your wheel, slowly pry your bearing and spacer out.

In case your wheels mount a long sleeve bearing spacer, roller blade bearing removal tools come equipped with a bearing pusher. All you have to do is to insert the tool inside the bearing and push the bearing out while holding the wheel firmly.

For a visual guide on how to remove your bearings, check out the video in our Bearing Cleaning and Lubrication guide.

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