Skateboard Merchandise & Skateboard Stickers

Skateboard Merch Will Keep You Looking Fresh

You’ve got your board and your apparel but why not get your hands on some skate merch to keep you and your setup looking good. This can include anything from stickers, sunglasses, a water bottle or wallet. What about a pair of sunglasses? Getting some skate sunglasses is an easy way to help you focus on your skating during sunnier days as well as a nice addition to your skate outfit.

Where to Put Skateboard Stickers?

Skate stickers are a cool way to decorate and customize your board or helmet. You can either get one or two stickers or buy a whole skateboard stickers pack if you want to cover your board entirely.

Along with giving your board a fresh look, stickers can also be useful for protecting your deck. They will give your deck an extra layer of protection when sliding on rails or grinding on curbs. Likewise, most skate stickers are waterproof, giving your deck extra protection from the elements.

Need another cool accessory to go with your skating gear? Have a look at our Kendamas.

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