Maintenance of Roller skates


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What Roller skate Maintenance Should I Be Doing?

While there is not a lot of maintenance required to keep your skates rolling smoothly, tightening nuts and bolts and cleaning your roller skate bearings are considered standard. Luckily, they can be done at the same time. Dirty bearings can become noisy and not roll as freely as they once did. Specific skate bearing cleaning can thoroughly clean out built-up dirt and allow them to spin smoothly again.

How Often Should You Clean Roller skate Bearings?

If you are roller skating regularly, it can be a good idea to clean your bearings once every 2-3 months. You might need to clean them more frequently if you are skating more often or in areas where the bearings can collect a lot of dirt and dust. If you skate, for example, indoors where it is mainly clean, roller skate bearing maintenance may only consist of giving them a polish.

What Tools Do I Need to Adjust Roller skates?

Whether you have been roller skating for years or you just started this wonderful sport, the parts of your roller skates like wheels, nuts and trucks will have to be replaced at some point. A suitable roller skate tool is exactly what you need to change the components of your skates.

In fact, a roller skate tool is a multipurpose gadget that will help you unscrew axle nuts, change bearings and unfasten the kingpin nuts easily. This particular tool is perfect if you are looking to replace your bushings, wheels and truck in order to change worn down parts or modify the style of your skates. Some roller skate tools also come equipped with an Allen key to remove the bolt holding the toe stop to your baseplate.

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