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Why You Should Buy A Stunt scooter Backpack

Scooter bags are a much-needed accessory for many riders, and they can be used in many situations. Wearing a scooter backpack while riding your scooter is easy as it stays securely on your back. These bags are great to use for long days at the skatepark because you can take some extra clothing with you, food and water, or some scooter tools to tweak your set-up.

Scooter pouches or cross-body bags are another handy style of bag to take with you. They are much smaller than backpacks and are great for carrying your phone and wallet or some extra scooter hardware.

Traveling With a Scooter Luggage Bag

Scooter luggage bags are purpose-built to hold and protect your scooter while you are traveling. They come in a unique “T” shape with shoulder straps on the back, so they can conveniently be worn as a backpack. To pack your scooter into the bag, you detach the bar from the deck and place both pieces along the vertical section of the bag. The handlebar end should be towards the top to fit with the widest section of the bag.

There are a number of small scooter parts that are useful to carry around with you in a scooter bag, in case a quick repair is needed. Check out our Stunt scooter Parts to see our collection.

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