Skateboard Impact Shorts


Skate In Confidence With Impact Shorts

Impact shorts are worn to protect your hip, tailbone thigh and buttocks area. They are the length of regular shorts, however contain padding in the appropriate places to soften the impact when you fall. They are worn under your clothing and help with those next-day aches and pains as well as protection against more serious injuries.

Wearing impact pants is particularly recommended for beginner skaters but is also useful for any type of riding where you’re likely to land on your hip or butt - such as ramp skating. Skateboard impact shorts are versatile and can also be used for other action sports like inline skating and stunt scootering.

Hard or Flexible Pads to Fit Your Preference

With padded shorts, you are able to choose from a range of styles and designs. Harder, stiffer pads contain stronger padding and durable EVA foam. This gives you optimal protection against the hardest impacts. Thinner pads will provide more flexibility but not as much protection.

Moreover, we all know that a good skate session can be a tough workout. Because of this many brands design their shorts to be breathable and with moisture-absorbing qualities.

Padded pants are just one element of protective gear that you should wear when skating. For skateboard head protection, see our range of Skateboard Helmets.

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