Skimboard Equipment


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Equipment Needed For Skimboarding

Aside from a skimboard and a body of water, there are a few useful pieces of equipment for skimboarding. Wax and traction pads are normally found on skimboards to add grip for your feet. Skimboard bags are great for carrying your board to the beach or when you are heading to the coast for the weekend. Although skimboards aren’t as big as surfboards, a bag with straps will make it easy to carry and protect it from damages.

Do I Need Traction Pads For Skimboarding?

Skimboard traction pads will add a lot of grip and control for your feet while skimboarding. Some surfers just use skimboard wax on the top of the board, but to maximise the grip, traction pads are a must-have. Wax provides a reasonable amount of grip, but traction pads are more long-lasting and help your feet feel where they are on the board.

Skimboarding is best enjoyed when the sun is shining, but be sure to protect your skin from UV rays with Rash Guards. For cold days, skimboarding in a wetsuit is a great idea.

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