Skateboard Ramps

What Are Skate Ramps?

Skate ramps, also known as skateboard ramps, are used by skateboarders to perform tricks and jumps in the air. The most commonly used are launch ramps and kickers. Easy to transport, they consist of a bank or slope at a straight or curved angle to perform jumps.

Quarter pipe ramps and skateboard half-pipes are often seen at skateparks. Quarter pipes can be made of most materials, from wood to metal, and approach a ninety-degree angle. They are used to perform a trick at the top of the air and then come back down. Half-pipes are usually made from wood and are the favourite kind of ramp approached by skaters in parks.

What Are Grind Rails?

A grind rail is a pipe or narrow platform often used by skateboarders to perform grinds and slides. They can be positioned on the ground or to connect all types of ramps. Grind rails are made of metal and usually feature a square or round shape. Most grind rails measure approximately six feet in length.

How Do I Build a Skate Park?

Many of the mentioned ramps and rails can be bought for home use in order to create your own skate park. Some of them require assembly while others come ready to use. An alternative way to have a ramp or rail in your backyard is to make it yourself. However, that requires some expertise in woodworking and metalworking.

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