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Ski Gloves Keep Your Hands Warm and Dry

A good pair of gloves or mittens are essential for protecting your hands from the cold conditions that come when skiing. If you have cold and wet fingers, you won’t last very long out in the snow. The key features to look for when choosing ski gloves are waterproofing and insulation. Snow gloves can be used for skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights or a walk in the cold winter weather.

Ski Mittens or Ski Gloves?

Ski mittens are warmer because your fingers can generate more heat when they kept closer together. Ski gloves can still be very warm, but they offer better dexterity with individual finger movements. This can make it easier to buckle ski boots up or help your children with their clothing. For the people that always have cold hands and are happy to sacrifice some dexterity, ski mittens can be a good choice.

Other Features for Winter Gloves

The outer material of ski gloves are commonly made of nylon or leather, with the latter featuring in many premium models. Provided the leather is treated well, the material offers good insulation and longevity. 3 finger gloves are a combination of gloves and mittens, so you get the benefits of each style. Other smaller features such as touch screen functionality, zippered pockets and hand warmer systems can be found in different models. Good fitting ski gloves will have an effect on warmth and performance. The gloves should be a casual and snug fit with enough room to comfortably stretch out your fingers straight.

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