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What Are Skate Pants?

Skate pants and skate shorts are usually worn by skateboarders to make skating easier. Skateboarding pants can be divided into two categories - slim and loose.

Slim skate jeans and pants are made to fit snugly at the waist and tight along legs, calves and ankles. They have a lower chance to get caught on rails than loose pants, reducing the chance of falling.

Loose skater pants hang low on the waist and have spacious legs. Their advantage over slim pants is that they are easier to move in.

What Are the Best Pants for Skateboarding?

The best skater pants or shorts fit comfortably, and are durable and sturdy enough to offer protection from any surface in case of falls. Even though jeans are the most popular, thick cotton fabrics - such as canvas or herringbone - are also an optimal choice due to their tear resistance and breathability.

How to Wear Skate Pants?

Straight legs with hems cuffed a few inches above the ankle. This is the general rule to wear slim skate pants. Loose pants might fit better with a belt on. You do not want to risk losing them while cruising or performing tricks.

Remember, skate pants and shorts are not made specifically for skateboarders only. Skatewear brands are well known for their high-quality and fashionable products. With their cool designs and comfortable fit, skate pants will grant you a cool informal look.

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