Snow Scooters

What Is a Snow Scooter?

A snow scooter is best described as a stunt scooter on snow. Instead of being on wheels, the snow scooter has front and rear skis, also known as sleds, that can slide and carve through snow. The rest of the design is very similar with a deck, fork, clamp and handlebars.

Whether it’s snow scooters for kids or adults, they are great fun as they can be ridden in a lot of different ways. Similar to stunt scooter, the snow scooters can be used on flat terrain where you can work on your spins, jumps and freestyle stunts. If you have a craving for speed, then you can ride down hills or ski resort pistes. More experienced riders are even able to take the snow scooters off-piste and get into the fresh powder.

How Does a Snow Scooter Work?

Snow scooters are controlled by turning the handlebars and shifting your weight in the direction you want to travel. These 2 movements help the edge of the skis to grip the snow and turn effectively. How do you stop on a snowscoot? Dragging a foot in the snow is a simple way to stop when you are not traveling fast. Other ways to slow or stop are to steer across and up the hill, so gravity slows you down, or sliding the rear ski to the side and using the edges to grip the snow.

The snow scooters are a super fun alternative to snowboarding, sledding or skiing, especially if you are already part of the scooter life. Another alternative snow sport that has evolved from the urban action sports scene is the snow skateboard, which is skateboarding’s answer to snowy winters. You can check out more information on that here - Snow Skateboards / Snowskates

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