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Perfect Your Setup With BMX Crank Parts

Connecting the pedals to the bike, the crankset is what you use to generate forward motion on your BMX. While you can buy a whole crankset, if you just want to make a small adjustment or upgrade to your setup, you should consider buying individual parts instead.

The parts that make up a crankset include the BMX crank arms, the crank bolts and a spindle. Crank arms - the levers that your pedal attaches to - play a big part in your riding experience and come in a range of different lengths. Don’t forget about your bolts also. It’s always good to have some to spare in case you need to make any urgent repairs.

What Is a Spindle on BMX?

One of the most important parts of your crankset is the spindle. The spindle is the rotating axle where the cranks attach and is found in the bottom bracket.

BMX spindles are not all the same size and are available in 19 mm, 22 mm and 24 mm. The 19 mm diameter spindle is ideal for riding ramps, trails as well as street riding. The 22 mm spindle diameter is stronger than 19 mm and is ideal for higher drops and grinding. The 24 mm diameter has become more popular in recent years and can withstand whatever you want to do with your BMX.

Note, whatever size spindle you want to choose, first you need to make sure that it matches the rest of your crankset.

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