Skateboard Cruiser Decks


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What Is a Cruiser Deck?

Cruiser decks are designed like the classic skateboards of the 1970s. Just like from that era, cruiser skateboard decks are recognizable by their stylish shapes and cool graphics. What makes cruiser decks different from many modern skateboard decks is that they are more directional in design, with a flat nose and a kick at the tail. They also have a more mellow or no concave at all.

As the name suggests, cruiser decks are designed for cruising around town. While it is possible to do some basic tricks with a cruiser, the options are limited as the decks are not designed for stunts.

What Size Deck Should I Get for Cruising?

The size you should get is ultimately a personal preference. With cruisers, deck sizes can vary between 25 and 34 inches long and 7.5-10 inches wide. Shorter decks are ideal for younger and smaller riders, while mid-sized decks can be used by any rider regardless of ability or age.

Cruiser decks perform a similar job as some longboard decks, but the advantage of a cruiser skate deck is its smaller size. This is handy for when riding around busy urban areas. You could even consider a mini cruiser deck, which is around the same size as a Penny Board.

If you prefer the speed and stability that comes with longboarding, then check out our selection of Longboard Decks.

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