Skateboard Cruiser Decks

The cruiser deck - a flashback to the 70s

Cruiser skateboard decks remind a lot of the old-school skateboard shapes from the 70s when skateboarding was on the rise and evolving. And just like in that period, skateboard cruiser decks nowadays keep the tradition of experimenting with shapes and sizes.

Take for example the mini cruiser deck on Penny boards which is made to enjoy a smooth ride downtown but it still comes in a practical, easy-to-carry size.

Recognising a cruiser skateboard deck

Skateboard cruiser decks come in various shapes and sizes and it is basically your own preferences and style that matter.

They are smaller than longboards, which comes in handy when you want to carry them around or put on your backpack. Cruiser decks, compared to the modern skateboard decks, are also often directional, meaning that the nose and the tail are different. Due to the orientation towards cruising, they usually have a more mellow or no concave at all. But that doesn't mean you can't pull off a few tricks; just pick a deck with a nose and/or tail kick.

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