Penny Boards & Plastic Cruiser Skateboards

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In this category you can find plastic skateboards from the brand Penny board as well as plastic boards from other brands.

Penny board – brand and concept

Penny boards is a brand founded by Ben Mackay in Australia, but the small, lightweight plastic skateboards have become so popular that the Penny brand has pretty much become synonymous with the plastic cruiser board. Even though Penny is still by far the most popular brand in the plastic cruiser board industry, other brands have started to gain ground, and you can find quality plastic cruisers from several other manufacturers too.

The design of the pennyboard is inspired by the design of the plastic skateboards from the 1970's. Penny boards are small with a narrow deck, which provide great turning abilities and makes it easy to get around, even in areas with many people.

Penny skateboards & conventional skateboards

The deck of a penny skateboard is characterised by being smaller and more narrow than a conventional skateboard deck. Furthermore, penny skateboards are made of plastic instead of wood, which makes them extra lightweight. The plastic material also makes it easy to create decks with all sorts of colours and patterns. The wheels are large and soft which makes them fast, yet grippy.

Some people will recognize the old school design of the Penny skateboards from the skateboards from the 1970's, and thus they will have a preference for these boards. But the pennyboards - plastic cruiser skateboards, have a wide group of followers, not least among young people, because it has a practical size, it is easy to manoeuvre and therefore suitable for cruising around town, and furthermore, they are easy to bring along in the backpack or in your hand.

Penny skateboards are great for transportation and cruising around town. But if you want a board made specifically for tricks, then you need a wooden skateboard.

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