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The Advantages of Buying Kids Skis

Buying skis for your children has a number of advantages that can make their time on the slopes even better. Rather than leaving it up to the rental shops that can get very busy at times, you have control of the quality of skis you purchase. Your child also has time to become familiar with their own equipment, which improves their confidence.

Different Types of Kids Skis

Buying kids skis with bindings is an easy option, as they are adjustable to fit different sizes of ski boots. If you choose children’s skis that don’t have bindings, then you must select bindings to fit the skis. Kids skis fall into five categories, which are almost a direct reflection of the adults skis. They are piste skis, all mountain skis, twin tip skis, freeride skis and race skis. Kids skis differ from adults skis as they come in shorter ski lengths and are made with lighter and softer materials. There are no specific girls skis or boys skis, but some classic colours are used to appeal to each gender.

Other Ski Gear for Kids

There are other pieces of equipment that are essential for children when skiing. With safety in mind, a helmet is strongly recommended and is compulsory in most ski schools. A snug and well ventilated pair of goggles will help your child see even on the snowy days. And finally, ski boots and ski poles are great purchases for your child.

Our guide Buying Skis for Kids includes more general information about skis for toddlers and children. You can also find instructions on how to choose the right ski size from the guide.

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